Marcel van Baalen was born in 1957 in The Hague and lives on his houseboat in Voorschoten since 1974. His ambitions were either the Kleinkunst Academy or journalism. With the start (1985) of a very successful company, Marcel’s creative spirit has remained on a low level for years.

In addition to the poetry he already wrote, Marcel felt the urge to paint in 2015, inspired by his deepest inner feelings. Marcel is a self-thought painter and painting has increasingly become a way of life: it means freedom. Freedom of thinking, creating and doing.

His paintings are intense in color and symbolism; unique and mysterious. Marcel has developed his own style in his painting work that can best be described as “Abstract Expressionism”.
There is already a lot of interest in his work in the Netherlands and in other countries. What gives Marcel the “drive” by continuing on the chosen path.